Dogs of Hilltown is 100% volunteer based and we are always looking for help! Whether you are thinking of taking a consistent role or can help out every few weekends- we have a need for you!

Dogs of Hilltown is currently looking for these types of volunteers:

Street Dog Feeders

As part of our Street Dog Feeding Team- you would be assigned a day of the week that best fits your schedule. Anytime during that day- morning, afternoon or night, you would go into Hilltown and feed the street dogs in our designated spots. DOH will supply you with everything you would need to accomplish this task. We will ride with you until you feel comfortable in your route. Feeding the street dogs takes about an hour to do and is one of the most rewarding volunteer activities you can partake in. Knowing that because of you, these beautiful street dogs will not go hungry that day. They will not have to dig through trash or drink sewerage water…they will have a full belly and a hydrated body all because of you.

Adoption Event Helpers

Most weekends, DOH has adoption events at local pet stores. We need volunteers to help us set up and take down crates and tables, walk dogs for potty breaks and of course talk to potential adopters about how wonderful our dogs are! This would be a great opportunity to get the whole family involved in volunteering. All our dogs LOVE kids and would be so happy to get some extra attention.


Dogs of Hilltown takes great pride in making sure our dogs are healthy and always comfortable. All our dogs are 100% vetted. In order to do this- we make frequent visits to the vet. We are looking for volunteers to help us transport dogs to and from our vet. This is also a great opportunity for someone who wants to involve the whole family or someone that cannot commit to volunteering on a consistent basis. Dogs of Hilltown makes sure all our dogs have collars, harnesses and if needed, in a crate, for transport. We will always make sure our transporter is comfortable with the dog they are transporting.

Community Outreach – Spanish Speakers

Hilltown residents predominantly speak Spanish. DOH is looking for volunteers to help us with our outreach program. We want to continue building a trusting and respectful relationship with the people of Hilltown. In order to do this we need bilingual volunteers to help us communicate with the residents.

Committee Heads

If you are looking for a consistent leadership position within DOH, you might consider being a Committee Head for one of our many departments. We have many positions available for this position. DOH board members and committee heads work tirelessly to better the lives of the many street dogs in Hilltown. We need strong, passionate leaders to help us get these dogs out of the streets and into safe and loving homes.

Volunteer Application