Dogs of Hilltown is committed to reducing the street dog population by providing community outreach programs and adoption support to abandoned and unloved dogs.

Dogs of Hilltown is a 501c3 non profit rescue and we firmly believe the only way to end the cycle of unwanted dogs is to start with medical outreach, owner education and spay and neuter efforts. We are committed to spaying, neutering and vaccinating every owned and stray dog in Hilltown.

With our team of amazing board members, volunteers, fosters, and supporters, we can accomplish our goal and end the suffering of unwanted street dogs in this rural community.

A group of concerned dog lovers from the surrounding areas have recently organized and we are trying to provide assistance to the dogs and residents of Hilltown.

Us dog lovers have all heard the saying, “Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog the world will change forever.” With this in mind, we are starting small and focusing on Hilltown and the immediate surrounding area.

We hope in the near future we can take a much broader and grander approach to helping the Dogs of Hilltown but for now all we can do is help one dog at a time. Dogs of Hilltown is devoted to helping these street dogs with things they have never felt before- we want them to feel warmth, a soft blanket, a fully belly and maybe even the best thing of all…love.